Amazon intern day 9: touring

It took quite a while for myself, and my friend Spencer who was visiting, to wake up. We lounged about, showered, ate the food Spencer had cooked last night, had some cereal and yogurt and bananas, and then made our Mother’s Day calls.

Experience Music Project Museum

We then spent some time trying to figure out what to do for the day, and decided after much deliberation that we would go to the Experience Music Project Museum [Yelp].

By the time we got there, it was 2:30 PM. We wandered around the Seattle Centre area, and weren’t sure if we even wanted to go in the EMP since it was so nice out. But we decided to in the end, and saw some strange exhibits on Jimmy Hendrix, Nirvana, and Battlestar Galactica. Somewhat disappointingly none of which I was terribly interested in. Probably the coolest part of the museum was this room with a bunch of instrument stations, where you can sit down and it will teach you the basics of playing, and then you can play along with some music. It helps you too—for example, the guitar had a light for each string on each fret, and the appropriate one lights up during the explanations. I need a guitar like that!

Another Pike Place jaunt

After the EMP, we took the monorail downtown, and walked over to Pike Place Market. We saw this amazing musician right outside of the first Starbucks [Yelp]. He was playing—wait for it—a saw, with a violin bow.

Then, we wandered around a bit watching all of the fruit and flower stands close for the evening. We decided to get some fish and chips at this one restaurant, and went up to the third floor to eat, where there was a gorgeous view of the bay.

Dinner and a movie

We wandered around and found a liquor store for wine, and then made it home amidst all the crazy people of Seattle. We relaxed in my apartment for a while, and of a sudden it was 9 PM, so we decided that we would order take-out instead of going out for dinner. We found an Indian restaurant [Yelp] with decent reviews three blocks away from my apartment, so we ordered some food and picked it up (although we got lost, and had to ask directions from some guy who turned out to be extremely cool and sassy).

We brought the food home and wined and dined, and then sat down to watch a random movie I had, Nightmare on Elm Street. It was sort of a silly kind of scary movie, but it was still very frightening!